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Accompsett Middle School actively promotes achievement, manners, and spirit by providing a safe and supportive learning environment which nurtures each student’s academic, social, emotional, and physical development while challenging them to reach their full  potential. Achievement  – we will reach our academic goals Manners – we will model polite behavior Spirit – we will demonstrate commitment to our school at Accompsett Middle School, the faculty, staff, administrators, and parents collaborate to provide a learning community which meets the needs of young adolescents.


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Middle School Memories

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Joe Stapleton has been a teacher in the Smithtown Central School District for more than 18 years, spending most of his career teaching sixth grade at Accompsett Middle School. Since his first year of teaching in 2000, Mr. Stapleton has encouraged students to bring in a picture to hang on his memory wall of photos. With each passing year, the collection of photos has grown around his classroom walls.

Over the years, he has amassed more than 1,000 student photos. “Many of the students come back to my class to see the younger version of themselves or a sibling, friend or neighbor,” Mr. Stapleton said. This helps him to reconnect with his former students. 

Some former students have even followed in Mr. Stapleton’s footsteps and found a career in education. This year, a couple of his former students have positions as a teacher assistant, coach and student-teacher in Smithtown Central School District.

Middle School Robotics Teams Showcase Their Skills

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Smithtown Central School District, along with FIRST Robotics Team 810, hosted a FIRST Lego League robotics competition on Jan. 21 and 22. Twenty-eight teams competed at each of the three different sessions.

The district’s three rookie FIRST Lego League teams participated in the competition. The Accompsett All Stars (Accompsett Middle School) coached by Accompsett Middle School technology teacher Mike Colletta, the Electric Brick Breakers (Great Hollow Middle School) coached by Great Hollow technology teacher Connor Kelly and Quake Robotics (Nesaquake Middle School) coached by Nesaquake Middle School technology Sean Tomasello finished in 13th, eighth and second place, respectively. 
The Quake Robotics Team took first place during the alliance round and will move on to the Long Island Championships at Longwood High School on March 4. 

The Smithtown Robotics Team had more than 15 students volunteering at each event and helping to run the competition. The volunteers served as judges, queuers, timekeepers, field resetters and referees.   

A Human Connection

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A project created at Accompsett Middle School is showing how each member of its student body is special and unique. The Humans of AMS project aligns with the district’s social-emotional learning standards and is designed to show off the diverse experiences of the student population.

To start, Accompsett students write a few paragraphs featuring little-known facts about themselves. After their picture is taken, they get a sign featuring their photo and personal information paragraph. The signs are then hung around the library, hallways and cafeteria in an effort to learn about each other. 

Students also create short video segments about themselves. In addition, there’s a social media portion of the project on Instagram with its own account called Humans of AMS. 

“The overall goal is to teach the students acceptance of others,” said Accompsett Middle School Principal Paul McNeil. “This is a difficult goal to measure, but it is our hope that the students will come together to respect the differences of others.” So far, 55 students have participated in the project, which will be ongoing throughout the school year.