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Great Hollow’s Growth Mindset

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Eighth grade students at Great Hollow Middle School are combining their academic lessons with social and emotional learning. The students are setting a growth mindset goal before starting their review for their social studies midterm. They can check in with one another for a peer assessment of their goals and also with their teacher throughout the upcoming semester to assess how they are achieving their goal and if they are on the right path. The goals can be tangible or cooperative and the students can choose to share them or keep them private. 


Congratulations to the Great Hollow Middle School kickline team! They placed first in Team Dance and first in High Kick at the Scholastic Kickline Competition at Nassau Community College on Jan. 5.

Tech Students ‘Geared’ Up for Learning

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Eighth graders in Mrs. Kerr-VanGostein’s class at Great Hollow Middle School are learning all about mechanisms and simple gears in the Project Lead the Way automation and robotics elective. The students are learning about torque, speed and the relationship between them by building their own gear trains during a recent hands-on lesson.