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Officer Gribbin At Smithtown Elementary
Officer Gribbin High-Fiving His Nephew thumbnail217249
Officer Gribbin High-Fiving His Nephew

Suffolk County Police officer Kevin Gribbin stopped by Smithtown Elementary school today and visited different classrooms to talk to students about how the police serves and protects the residents of Suffolk County.

Officer Gribbin chatted with the students about the importance of calling 911, obeying the speed limit and the life saving equipment he carries every day!

Officer Gribbon’s nephew Cooper handed out police bracelets to the class.
The Smithtown Central School District is proud of it’s partnership with the SCPD.

Date Added: 5/16/2022

Sweet Briar Nature Center Brings Insects and Predators to Smithtown Elementary

Second grader touches Madagascar hissing cockroach. thumbnail216430

Smithtown Elementary second graders received an education about insects and their predators — and got to touch both — during a visit from Sweet Briar Nature Center on. Wednesday.

The students first learned what makes an insect an insect, including having six legs, a distinct head, thorax and abdomen as far as body parts, an exoskeleton, and compound eyes. Also, not all insects have wings.

The second graders then had the chance to touch Madagascar hissing cockroaches, which elicited a mixture of reactions.

Sweet Briar explainer Veronica Sayers noted that butterflies and moths are both insects.

The students then learned to differentiate between the two, in part by knowing that a butterfly has straight antennae and moths’ antennae more closely resemble feathers.

The second graders then met a pair of predators: a bearded dragon, which consumes butterflies, and an eastern screech owl, which consumes butterflies.

Date Added: 4/27/2022

Smithtown Elementary Fifth Graders Teach Younger Students about STEM

Fifth grader asissts third grader in building strucutre with tongue depressers. thumbnail216072

Fifth graders at Smithtown Elementary are demonstrating their knowledge of STEM by teaching what they have learned to younger students.

Jennifer Solomon’s third graders visited Alexis Meadows' fifth grade classroom on Thursday.

And the fifth graders proceeded to share their knowledge of four topics through the “STEM Buddies” program.

The fifth graders led lessons for their third-grader buddies on:

• Using a mini-microscope attached to an iPad to observe different crystal structures such as in glitter and salt

• Creating a path and instructions, such as speeding up or spinning, for a mini-robot to follow.
• Constructing the tallest tower possible.

• Using plastic Brainflakes to create three-dimensional shapes.

Date Added: 4/14/2022

2022 Retirees, Newly Tenured Staff Recognized at Reception and Board Meeting

Retirees attending Tuesday's Board of Education meeting are recognized. thumbnail216024
Retirees attending Tuesday's Board of Education meeting are recognized.

The Smithtown Central School District celebrated its newly tenured staff and this academic year’s retirees on Tuesday night.

Prior to the Board of Education meeting during which formal approval took place, the honorees gathered in the multipurpose room at the District’s New York Ave. offices to celebrate.

The 25 newly approved tenure recipients: Catherine Abbott, Dara Brachfeld, Samantha Buttice, Kristin Campisi, Jessica Castoro, Mark Cimino, Lindsay Clifford, Kevin Colon, Julianne DeSilva, Christopher Elsesser, Erika Farruggio, Jennifer Fazzio, Eileen Flynn, Jacqueline Harden, Nicole Kerins, Joseph McFadden, Jennifer McGlone, Louis Mincieli, Melissa Minerva, Shannon Moore, Alyssa Patrissi, Maaria Syska, Taylor Walsh, William Weinstein and Renee Weltsch.

And the 35 retiring staff members: Donna Atkinson, Lynne Barry, James Berger, David Bestenheider, Debra Calabza, Vincent Campagna, Kathy Coffin, Olga Crnosija, Claudine DeCoteau, Eileen DiCristofaro, Doreen Downes, Tina Dray, Regina Dunne, Allison Edwards, Diana Feirstein, Cheryl Glick, Mary Pat Grafstein, Jane Groneman, Peggy Knudsen, Virginia Kohilakis, Mary Grace Lynch, Marlene Mitchell, Lisa Molano, Alexis Nagowski, Sharon Nilson, Cindy Nocero, Laura Persichilli, Patricia Petrucelli, Teresa Russo, Patrick Smith, Donald Wallace, Beth Woods, Jeff Woodward, Linda Wurtz and Barbara Zemcik.

The retirees were each individually honored at the Board of Education meeting.

Date Added: 4/12/2022

Smithtown Elementary Second Graders Cap Solar System Lesson with T-Shirt Design

Relative paints T-shirt with second grader. thumbnail216016

Allison Cortes’ second grade class at Smithtown Elementary learned about the solar system. And on Tuesday afternoon, the students channeled their artistic sides for a related project.

Joined by relatives, the second graders painted T-shirts with solar system themes. Parents and other relatives assisted the students in using the stencils to complete the project.

Date Added: 4/12/2022