SCPD Fourth Precinct officer Scott Fowler visited Mrs. Dooley’s kindergarten class today at Mills Pond Elementary School.

Officer Fowler talked about all the tools he brings to work and how he serves and protects our community!

He also told the students he goes to work when the rest of them get ready for bedtime!

Officer Fowler’s daughter McKenzie is in Mrs. Dooley’s class.

Date Added: 5/18/2022

2022 Retirees, Newly Tenured Staff Recognized at Reception and Board Meeting

Retirees attending Tuesday's Board of Education meeting are recognized. thumbnail216024
Retirees attending Tuesday's Board of Education meeting are recognized.

The Smithtown Central School District celebrated its newly tenured staff and this academic year’s retirees on Tuesday night.

Prior to the Board of Education meeting during which formal approval took place, the honorees gathered in the multipurpose room at the District’s New York Ave. offices to celebrate.

The 25 newly approved tenure recipients: Catherine Abbott, Dara Brachfeld, Samantha Buttice, Kristin Campisi, Jessica Castoro, Mark Cimino, Lindsay Clifford, Kevin Colon, Julianne DeSilva, Christopher Elsesser, Erika Farruggio, Jennifer Fazzio, Eileen Flynn, Jacqueline Harden, Nicole Kerins, Joseph McFadden, Jennifer McGlone, Louis Mincieli, Melissa Minerva, Shannon Moore, Alyssa Patrissi, Maaria Syska, Taylor Walsh, William Weinstein and Renee Weltsch.

And the 35 retiring staff members: Donna Atkinson, Lynne Barry, James Berger, David Bestenheider, Debra Calabza, Vincent Campagna, Kathy Coffin, Olga Crnosija, Claudine DeCoteau, Eileen DiCristofaro, Doreen Downes, Tina Dray, Regina Dunne, Allison Edwards, Diana Feirstein, Cheryl Glick, Mary Pat Grafstein, Jane Groneman, Peggy Knudsen, Virginia Kohilakis, Mary Grace Lynch, Marlene Mitchell, Lisa Molano, Alexis Nagowski, Sharon Nilson, Cindy Nocero, Laura Persichilli, Patricia Petrucelli, Teresa Russo, Patrick Smith, Donald Wallace, Beth Woods, Jeff Woodward, Linda Wurtz and Barbara Zemcik.

The retirees were each individually honored at the Board of Education meeting.

Date Added: 4/12/2022

Mills Pond Elementary's Cares Club Rises Early to Raise Awareness of Type 1 Diabetes

Student exercising with legs raised in air. thumbnail215965

Mills Pond Elementary’s Cares Club is doing its part to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes.

Student members arrived at school early on Tuesday for a boot camp in the gymnasium.

They participated in physical activities at eight different stations: burpees and jumping jacks, sprints and running lunges, leg throws and squats, ABC planks and frogs, plank and 180s, crisscross crunches and front kicks, pushups and side lunges, and star jumps and mountain climbers.

Each station called for two minutes of activity — one minute apiece for each of the two movements.

The Cares Club is a civics club at Mills Pond Elementary.

According to the Mayo Clinic, type 1 diabetes, formerly known as juvenile diabetes, is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin.

Insulin is a hormone needed to allow sugar (glucose) to enter cells to produce energy.

Different factors, including genetics and some viruses, may contribute to type 1 diabetes. Although type 1 diabetes generally appears during childhood, it can develop in adults.

No cure currently exists for type 1 diabetes. Treatment centers on managing blood sugar levels with insulin, diet and lifestyle to prevent complications.

Date Added: 4/12/2022

Mills Pond Elementary Celebrates Spring's Arrival with Fun Run

Students start the race. thumbnail215928

Mills Pond Elementary sprinted into the spring on Monday with its Fun Run.

After marching out by class holding banners, the third grade (pictured) kicked off the festivities on the course, with other grades following throughout the school day.

Date Added: 4/11/2022

Mills Pond First Graders Learn About Bubbles, Then Use Kitchen Utensils to Create More

First grader creates giant bubble. thumbnail215898
First graders at Mills Pond Elementary learned about bubbles from the Long Island Children's Museum on Friday. Then, of course, they had a chance to make their own using items including a hanger and spatula.
The visit from the Long Island Children's Museum was part of the cultural arts program at the school.
Date Added: 4/8/2022