Accompsett MS Adds International Flavor to Welcome Experience

Group giving thumbs up by sign thumbnail200039
Students and staff give a thumbs up after completing the "Welcome" project on Monday.

Visitors to Accompsett Middle School now will be greeted with an international flair.

After assistant principal Theresa Donohue shared the idea with teachers Melanie Ulloa and Scott Freiberger, the educators enlisted the help of ENL students at the school to create “Welcome” signs in their native languages.

On Monday morning, the group of staff and students affixed the welcome signs in eight languages to a post at the school’s entrance.

The languages represented on the signs in addition to English — Hebrew, Hungarian, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Turkish and Ukranian — are the native languages of the ENL students currently at Accompsett Middle School.

Accompsett is an English as a New Language magnet school for the district.

Students handled all facets of the sign creation — stenciling and painting the words, sawing and sanding the signs, and screwing the signs into a post at the school’s entrance. The last step included principal Paul McNeil, since he had the height and arm span to reach the very top of the post to affix the final two signs.

A similar set of “farewell” signs soon will be installed.

Accompsett MS Science Students Complete Garden Project

Students planting flowers thumbnail199719
Accompsett Middle School students plant flowers in a garden in front of the school on Wednesday morning.

Visitors to Accompsett Middle School will be greeted with a robust garden outside the front entrance the next time they visit.

After designing the garden last academic year as sixth graders, science students returned on Wednesday to implement the plan by planting native flowers, including gray goldenrods.

The project originally was conceived last academic year by Accompsett Middle School sixth-grade science teacher Amy Olander.

On Wednesday, the seventh graders in fellow teacher Marcia Lane’s science classes throughout the day, and Olander’s after-school club, did the planting to complete the project.

Accompsett Middle School Students Learn Life Skills with 'Millionaire' Twist

Student in 'Millionaire' hot seat. thumbnail199553
A student in the "hot seat" waits to learn if his answer is correct.

Who wants to be a family consumer science whiz?

Sixth-grade students in Harley Davis’ class at Accompsett Middle School brushed up on their knowledge of decision-making in a fun way during the final period of the day on Thursday.

Davis’ class played an in-class version of the TV show, “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire,” with students taking turns sitting in the hot seat and facing questions on topics learned in recent weeks.

They even had ‘life lines’ like the show — polling the class, eliminating half the options, and phoning a friend.

Examples of questions included:

• How many steps are there in the decision-making process? Answer: 5

• What do ‘pros and cons’ mean? Answer: Positives and negatives.

• What does ‘evaluate’ mean? Answer: To assess or look back on.

After the students combined to reach the $1 million prize, the final student in the chair had the option of getting 10 extra points on his own upcoming assessment test — plus five Airheads candies — or five extra points for everyone in the class.

After much deliberation, the student chose for the entire class to share in the prize, even though he personally forfeited extra points and candy.

“It’s a way for them to go ahead and have fun and apply all the knowledge of the life skills that they’re learning,” Davis said.

Smithtown CSD Community Approves Bond Referendum

SmithtownLogo1600x700(2).jpg thumbnail199466

On Tuesday, Sept. 28, residents in the Smithtown Central School District voted on a capital project bond referendum. Voters approved the bond: 1,251 YES votes to 430 NO votes.

The Board of Education and administration would like to thank all community residents who voted on the bond referendum.

The results will be formally accepted by the Board of Education at its regular Wednesday meeting.

“We are grateful to the Smithtown community for their support,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mark Secaur said. “The approval of the bond referendum 
will bring much-needed renovation and repair to our aging facilities and enhance opportunities for our students.

The $120 million bond prioritizes safety and security, renovates and repairs aging facilities, and continues to provide opportunities for student success.

Accompsett MS Sixth-Graders Complete Library Orientation, including New E-Book Option

AMS sixth-graders in library. thumbnail199392
Accompsett sixth-graders complete a library orientation activity on Monday.

Sixth-graders from Accompsett Middle School are receiving a hands-on orientation to their school library. That includes an overview of a new e-book and audio book option via SORA, which is similar to OverDrive at public libraries.

Library media specialist Donna DeLuca has been leading two-period orientation sessions for each of the classes, which continued Monday morning.

The first period, DeLuca reviews the library’s rules and procedures and provides an overview of the resources available. The next period, the students go to different stations throughout the library and record parts of a Flipgrid video to demonstrate their understanding of that section of the library.

The library is primarily organized by genre.

Students also tour the Makerspace adjacent to the main library room, which includes a green screen.

“Each section they’re doing something else,” DeLuca said. “They’ll go to each section, they’ll create a clip, and then they’ll have a full video at the end of all of the different sections of the library and what they learned in each section.”

As for the new option for the 2021-22 academic year, DeLuca added: “They have access to e-books and audiobooks that can be downloaded to their Kindle. They can read or listen to it on their computer or a tablet.”