AMS Crowns Geo Bee Winner

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Accompsett Middle School held the final round of the National Geographic Geography Bee. Prior to the school-wide round, all of the finalists successfully completed the individual classroom and academic team rounds. In the upcoming weeks, Geography Bee winner Daniel Davidsen will complete a written test to qualify him to represent his school on the state level.

AMS Crowns Spelling Bee Champ

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Congratulations to Jillian Derodel, this year’s winner of the Accompsett Middle School Spelling Bee. After a challenging set of rounds against her competitors, Jillian won with the correct spelling of “tarry” in the 13th round. Pending the results of a written exam, Jillian may advance to the regional Spelling Bee competition at the Krasnoff Theater at LIU Post on March 12. 

Unlocking Clues at Accompsett Middle School

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As part of their social studies lessons on World War I, students in Mr. Toth’s class at Accompsett Middle School participated in a Breakout EDU experience in the school’s library on Jan. 6. Breakout EDU is an educational escape room challenge, where you need to solve clues to unlock the toolbox in a given timeframe.

Working in small groups, the students tried to unlock the puzzles and gain access to clues using different methods. Using iPads, the students scanned QR codes for hints, sued a blacklight and walked the library looking for hidden clues to unlock the box. They used their knowledge of maps and WWI propaganda to unlock the box. Working together, the experience allowed the students to work as a team and pool their resources to solve clues in 40 minutes.