Guidance Department

Department Mission Statement

HS East Counseling Center - (631) 382-2750
HS West Counseling Center - (631) 382-3020
Accompsett MS Counseling Center - (631) 382-2311
Great Hollow MS Counseling Center - (631) 382-2811
Nesaquake MS Counseling Center - (631) 382-5131

Guidance is an essential aspect of the educational experience for all children. It is through the guidance program and counseling relationship that students are helped to interpret and integrate the world in which they live. The guidance program functions as a liaison capacity between administrators, teachers, parents, students and the community. The program goals are:

o       To increase communication with parents
o       To promote a clearer understanding of school environment
o       To promote understanding of educational requirements
o       To promote school success skills
o       To provide career/education awareness and planning
o       To promote social/personal development
o       To increase community involvement
o       To provide counseling services



Financial Aid Night

On Nov. 1, the guidance department hosted a Financial Aid Night hosted at HSW. Administrator for Guidance and Related Student Services Kevin Colon and school counselors Diane Giannico and Karen Schmalz welcomed approximately 250 parents from the High School East and West communities. Amy Thompson, director of financial aid at St. Joseph’s College, presented on the financial aid process. In detail, Ms. Thompson reviewed the FAFSA on the Web Worksheet, CSS Profile, covered important due dates, explained state aid and specified what loans parents may wish to pursue. For further information regarding the FAFSA form, visit

College Application Process

Administrator for Guidance and Related Student Services Kevin Colon, along with high school counselors Kate Baker and Amy Insana, presented an evening workshop to seniors and their parents on the college application process on Sept. 20 in the High School West auditorium.

The program outlined the college application procedures. Helpful hints were shared regarding applying to college, utilizing Naviance and scholarship information. In addition to this evening guidance program, counselors visited all seniors in their English classes. The excitement of senior year is welcomed by students as they prepare for their next educational endeavor.