Accompsett Middle School Students Connect with German Students

Student stands in front of class, facing screen that has German students on Zoom. thumbnail215909

Students studying German at Accompsett Middle School connected with their European pen pals on Monday.

Peter Schieck’s seventh and eighth grade classes met virtually via Zoom with eighth grade students studying English in Friedrichshafen, in southern Germany.

The students exchanged questions to learn about each other’s culture, quizzing each other on favorite recreation activities, music groups, sports clubs and how the schools are structured.

The students have been exchanging written letters since November.

The schools originally connected via the website ePals.

Schieck lived in Freiburg, Germany, for a year and a half while he was a student.

The German students have been studying English since the first grade, whereas Accompsett’s students — as is typical in the United States — began studying German as seventh graders.

Date Added: 4/11/2022