Mechanical Bulls Prep for Competition with Robot Designed to Fire Balls at Target

Student puts finishing touches on robot. thumbnail214054

After spending five-plus hours daily after school for six weeks developing their robot, the Mechanical Bulls are in the final stages before putting it to the test.

The district’s decorated robotics team will gather with other high schools on Sunday at Bethpage High School to test their creation in competition-like circumstances.

This year’s competition requires the team to create a robot that will ingest giant tennis balls and then fire them at a target. For bonus points, the robot then must climb up bars.

Nearly 70 team members from both high schools combined on the Mechanical Bulls’ effort. The team includes the hands-on engineers as well as business and design teams.

On Thursday, team members worked on finishing touches. Club president Zach Finger said the final stages of the project include getting the robot to lose some weight as well as making a handful of last-minute repairs. The requirements stipulate that the robot must weigh less than 125 pounds.

The Mechanical Bulls are renowned for their success. The banners hanging in their technology lab at High School East include a 2018 School of Business Partnership Alliance regional title and the Chairman’s Award that same year. The Chairman’s Award recognizes the Mechanical Bulls for spreading their knowledge and excitement for science, technology and engineering within the community.

The Mechanical Bulls’ co-advisors, David Savage and Brian Costello, each recently have earned the Woodie Flowers Award as mentor of the year in the Long Island regional competition.

Date Added: 3/3/2022