Nesaquake Students Make Instruments with Creative Materials

Students pose with instrument. thumbnail209654

Nesaquake Middle School students demonstrated their knowledge of musical instruments by building their own with random materials in a competitive format on Friday morning.

Stan Bielski’s music elective class first explored the Hornbostel-Sachs method of classifying musical instruments into categories based on their means of sound production:

Aerophones — instruments activated by air, mostly by blowing into the instrument.

Chordophones — stringed instruments whose strings are plucked, picked or bowed.

Idiophones — instruments whose entire construction vibrates, such as cowbells and cymbals.

Membranophones — instruments that feature an animal or artificial skin stretched over a frame or shell, such as most drums.

Electrophones — instruments using electricity to produce their characteristic sounds, such as the theremin and stylophone.

Drawing from the Food Channel program "Chopped" for inspiration, students were divided into four teams and given the same objects: a large coffee can, rubber bands, latex glove, Velcro, string, cardboard tubes, plastic straws, marbles and plastic Ziploc bags. They then were charged with making an instrument in one of the Hornbostel-Sach categories, except electrophones.

Students utilized additional items including duct tape, a can opener and magic tape to make their projects.