Accompsett Elementary Fourth Graders Receive 'Wacky Science' Lesson

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Accompsett Elementary School fourth graders were entertained by science on Thursday.

The “Wacky Science Show” with host Doug Scheer taught the students science principles and encouraged them to continue the experiments at home with supervision.

“This is the kind of science where I say, ‘Try this at home,’” Scheer told the fourth graders.

At one point, Scheer noted that magic often may not be magic at all — but science.

For instance, he showed the students how to make a Styrofoam cup “disappear.” He explained that acetone from generic, non-colored nail polish remover takes the air out of the Styrofoam. And because roughly 90 percent of Styrofoam is air, the cup appears to disappear, although there is the roughly 10 percent plastic remaining in a condensed form after it makes contact with the acetone liquid.

Scheer encouraged the students to borrow books from the library on science experiments that they then can perform with household items.

You can buy them at the dollar store and be a scientist,” he said.

Date Added: 1/20/2022