HS East, West Chef’s Choice 1 Students Compete in 'Grilled Cheese Challenge'

Student chefs work at griddle. thumbnail208524

The Grilled Cheese Challenge is on!

Chef’s Choice 1 classes at both High School East and West are taking part in the cooking competition as part of their Family and Consumer Sciences course.

Groups of students are required to come up with their own recipe for high-end grilled cheese and then prepare their design for celebrity judges from among teachers and other staff.

Two groups in Paige Illiano’s seventh-period class on Wednesday decided to use bacon as part of their grilled cheese creations.

“They’re all making unique grilled cheese that involves some sort of sauce, cheese, veggies and meat,” Illiano said.

Kaitlyn Cosgro and Jaclyn Fettinger’s classes at East and West also are competing, using griddles and their recipes.

“We are practicing the cooking skills that they learned throughout the semester,” Illiano said.