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Summer Resiliency CAMP
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Summer Resiliency CAMP
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Summer Resiliency CAMP

Where else can you spend part of the Summer breakdancing and learning about mummies than the Summer Resiliency CAMP!?
(Character, Academics, Mindfulness, Preparedness)

The two-week CAMP recently concluded at Accompsett Middle School with an energizing celebration of students' choice genius hour projects. Projects ranged from exploring the mummification process to the history of break dancing, benefits of plants, the effects of music on mood and the effects of video games on mood

Participants engaged in student-led and teacher-led workshops that embedded learning standards across the content areas as well as the five SEL core competencies.

The CAMP experience concluded with the Sharatorium that celebrated the students' projects. Superintendent Mark Secaur made sure to pay a visit!

For more information about the CAMP program reach out to Elizabeth Stein, CAMP program coordinator: 

Date Added: 8/11/2022