HS East American Sign Language Students Visit Dogwood Elementary to Teach Subject

Fifth grade student practices sign language. thumbnail216488

High School East’s American Sign Language 2 class visited Dogwood Elementary fifth graders on Thursday to share their knowledge of the subject.

Led by teacher Brynjar Leifsson, the high school students stood in front of the class as pictures of different colors and animals appeared on a screen.

Without speaking, the high school students then showed the fifth graders how to sign the images. And the Dogwood students repeated signing the words.

With the young students armed with that knowledge, the high schoolers then read the book, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” to the elementary students in sign language.

The session concluded with a high school student and fifth grader working one-on-one to learn how to sign a page of the text of the book, then fifth grade students going to the front of the class to read the book in sign language for their classmates.

The High School East ASL 2 class had met virtually with Jessica Massa’s fifth grade class in January to lay the groundwork for Thursday’s in-person visit in the Dogwood library.

Dogwood library media specialist Noelle Eichenlaub is coordinating the interactions between the high school and elementary school.

Date Added: 4/28/2022