Sweet Briar Nature Center Brings Insects and Predators to Smithtown Elementary

Second grader touches Madagascar hissing cockroach. thumbnail216430

Smithtown Elementary second graders received an education about insects and their predators — and got to touch both — during a visit from Sweet Briar Nature Center on. Wednesday.

The students first learned what makes an insect an insect, including having six legs, a distinct head, thorax and abdomen as far as body parts, an exoskeleton, and compound eyes. Also, not all insects have wings.

The second graders then had the chance to touch Madagascar hissing cockroaches, which elicited a mixture of reactions.

Sweet Briar explainer Veronica Sayers noted that butterflies and moths are both insects.

The students then learned to differentiate between the two, in part by knowing that a butterfly has straight antennae and moths’ antennae more closely resemble feathers.

The second graders then met a pair of predators: a bearded dragon, which consumes butterflies, and an eastern screech owl, which consumes butterflies.

Date Added: 4/27/2022