Smithtown Elementary Fifth Graders Teach Younger Students about STEM

Fifth grader asissts third grader in building strucutre with tongue depressers. thumbnail216072

Fifth graders at Smithtown Elementary are demonstrating their knowledge of STEM by teaching what they have learned to younger students.

Jennifer Solomon’s third graders visited Alexis Meadows' fifth grade classroom on Thursday.

And the fifth graders proceeded to share their knowledge of four topics through the “STEM Buddies” program.

The fifth graders led lessons for their third-grader buddies on:

• Using a mini-microscope attached to an iPad to observe different crystal structures such as in glitter and salt

• Creating a path and instructions, such as speeding up or spinning, for a mini-robot to follow.
• Constructing the tallest tower possible.

• Using plastic Brainflakes to create three-dimensional shapes.

Date Added: 4/14/2022