Mt. Pleasant Fourth Grade Class Wins Fruits and Veggies Challenge as West Side's Healthiest Eaters

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The healthiest eaters on the west side of town attend Danielle Waitz's fifth grade class at Mt. Pleasant Elementary.

The class won the Fruit and Veggies Challenge sponsored by the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America’s High School West chapter.

At the end of each week in March, the students added together their collective fruit and vegetable consumption totals.

Waitz’s class outpaced other elementary school classes on the west side.

Members of High School East’s chapter of the FCCLA visited Robin Baker and Denise Mauceri’s fourth graders at St. James Elementary on Monday to honor that class as the east side champion.

The high schools’ FCCLA members set up Google Classrooms with tips and videos to help the students throughout the month.

Date Added: 4/13/2022