HS West Honors 'Gold Cord' Academic Achievers, Selects Commencement Speaker

Tyler Nagosky reacts after being voted by peers as commencement speaker. thumbnail215681
Tyler Nagosky reacts after being voted by peers as commencement speaker.

Principal John Coady expressed his appreciation on Wednesday morning for High School West’s highest academic achievers among the senior class.

Members of the senior class who achieved a cumulative 4.0 GPA assembled in the G Café for a breakfast to recognize their lofty achievements. The group of students also voted on their honor speaker.

Tyler Nagosky received that honor in a vote of his peers and will speak at commencement along with the class co-presidents, Hunter Hayes and Madison Hilman.

“For the past four years you’ve been role models in this building and community,” Coady told the honorees. “You are a collection of incredibly talented young men and women who are inspirations for all of us. We deeply appreciate everything you’ve done for High School West over the past four years. This is a validation of all of the hard work you have done.”

The gold cord honorees will attend a second ceremony, with their families, on May 25 at 8:30 a.m. At that time, each senior will be called to the stage and their college destination and planned major shared.

The full list of 2022 gold cord honorees: Nova Agnes, Isabel Ajit, Cindy Akasya, Samantha Alcure, Sean Alnwick, Ryan Alemose, Elianna Andrews, Jonathan Andrews, Tess Antonacci, Nicholas Boardman, Jake Byrne, Jenna Cancellieri, Nicholas Caporale, Brett Carnival, Emily Castro, Steven Chustek, Jenna Clemente, Mackenzie Cooper, Gianna Crema, Samantha Crush, Adrianna DeMaio, Naomie Desilier, Gillian DiCostanzo, Gemma DiGiovanna, Giovanni DiGrazia, Sofia DiNapoli, Ryan Downing, Sinead Doyle, Owen Ellick, Austin Fahey, Jack Ferrero, Matthew Gannon, Erin Gillespie, Aidan Gillespie, Zachary Goldstein, Justin Grinberg, Brianna Guglielmo, Emily Guglielmo, Jane Gullason, Jensen Herbst, Annabella Hernandez, Madison Hilman, Erika Hinson, Hailee Hurtado, Kailey Jaeger, Samantha Jones, Peter Kagiwada, Kyle Kalenka, Alison Kelleher, Brooke Kelleher, Leah Kelly, Solomon Kim, Matthew Klee, Emily Knoll, Joshua Lee, David Lewis Jr., Julia Liberto, Liza Lleshaj, Chloe Lumsden, Katie Magee, Aaron Mangino, Isabella Manzi, Hannah Maracina, Ariana Matera, Hayden Matera, Hayden Mattera, Tyler McClain, Nicole Mennella, Rehan Mian, Andrew Miller, Joseph Mitchell, Sophia Mohrmann, Kelsey Most, Logan Mui, Josie Muratore, Tyler Nagofsky, Brian O’Reilly, Maddox Ober, Frank Paccione, Eric Pentecoste, Carmella Piccininni, Ryan Pirro, Abigail Portela, Madeline Raeihle, Julia Reuter, Ryann Reynolds, John Rotondo, James Roumeliotis, Nicholas Russo, Sydney Savickis, John Schiavo, Francis Seely, Victoria Serpico, Nathan Shin, Isabella Simone, Ashleigh Singleton, Ryan Slattery, Patrick Slattery, Brooke Smith, Vanessa Stabile, Jessica Struzinski, Matthew Supa, Aaquib Syed, Kumail Syed, Emily Tepper, David Tesoriero, Meghan Theofield, Kasey Tietjen, Julia Tylar, Jenna Weixler, Michaela Welz, Logan Wheeler, Layla Wheeler, Emma Wilkinson, Francesco Zitoli, Taylor Zuclich.

Date Added: 4/6/2022