Furry (and Scaly and Prickly) Friends Visit Smithtown Elementary Kindergarteners

Student pets a hedgehog thumbnail215463

The Sweetbriar Nature Center in Smithtown, and its furry, scaled and prickly friends, visited Smithtown Elementary on Thursday.

Kindergartners at the school saw up close a box turtle, snake, hedgehog, rabbit and Eastern screech owl, with the opportunity to touch a few.

During “Animal Interviews” sessions, the students were presented with riddles and guessed each animal before it was presented.

The students also learned about different adaptations each animal has developed to help it survive in the wild.

Sweetbriar Nature Center is situated on 54 acres of garden, woodland, field and wetland habitats on the Nissequogue River. Hundreds of species of plants and animals reside there.

Date Added: 3/31/2022