Teddy Bear Clinic Visits Mt. Pleasant Kindergarteners

Kindergartner poses with Spiderman stuffed animal. thumbnail215389

The Teddy Bear Clinic visited Mt. Pleasant Elementary on Wednesday.

Nursing students from Stony Brook Children’s Hospital visited kindergarteners to explain how the students can keep themselves safe by doing things such as sitting in the back seat of a vehicle and wearing a seatbelt as well as wearing a helmet while biking.

The kindergarteners each came to school with a stuffed animal. The students, with the help of the medical students, then put on medical caps and gloves and placed bandages on any boo-boos the stuffed animals may have recently experienced.

The Teddy Bear Clinic is a free injury-prevention program for kindergarteners sponsored by the Trauma Center at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.

Date Added: 3/30/2022