Mt. Pleasant First Graders Rewarded with Pancakes for Reading Feat

Student smiles after receiving pancake. thumbnail215186

Mt. Pleasant first graders enjoyed the fruits of their labor on Friday morning.

Well, more precisely, pancakes.

As a reward for logging the most reading minutes of any grade during a three-week period at the elementary school, principal Joseph Ierano treated the first graders to a pancake breakfast — complete with toppings including chocolate chips and blueberries.

(The chocolate chips were slightly more popular.)

Ierano spent the morning cooking the pancakes in the cafeteria to reward the students for their dedication during the Pick A Reading Partner competition.

Ierano told the students that their feat was particularly impressive because the first grade only has three classes, whereas the other grades have four.

“It’s unbelievable,” the principal said.

Date Added: 3/25/2022