HS West Oceans Class Dissects Marine Life at Sunken Meadow Outdoor Learning Lab

Students dissect squid as instructor looks over them. thumbnail214822

High School West students had the opportunity to study a pair of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures on Tuesday morning.

During a field trip to the Sunken Meadow Outdoor Learning Lab, students in West’s oceans class heard from experts about squids. The students then examined both the external and internal anatomy, the latter through dissection.

The students learned why squids have such large eyes and how their body shape is conducive to being hydrodynamic. They also learned how squids adapt to their environment by changing colors and how they have a heart, but gills rather than lungs.

Later during the visit, the students performed a necroscopy of a gray seal.

High School West’s oceans class is open to juniors and seniors.

Date Added: 3/22/2022