Students Receive 'Bubbleology' Lesson at Mt. Pleasant Elementary

Student blows bubble thumbnail214659

Math certainly becomes more fun when bubbles enter the equation.

Students in Amy Metz’s fifth grade class at Mt. Pleasant Elementary were issued straws on Thursday morning. And a soapy liquid was poured onto their plastic-covered desks. The students then blew into the tiny bubbles to make them large.

Once the bubbles finally popped, they left a soapy, circular ring on the desks.

The students then measured the diameter of those circles. And, using Pi, they then multiplied to calculate the circumference of the circle they created.

“This is so much fun,” Metz said.

The lesson came the same week as Pi Day — Monday, 3/14.

Of course, multiplying the diameter of a circular object by 3.14 yields its circumference.

Date Added: 3/17/2022