HS West Math Honor Society Hosts Math Fun Night Event for Younger Students

Young students examine augmented reality sandbox. thumbnail214526

High School West’s Math Honor Society hosted a fun and educational event for the district’s younger students on Monday evening.

Inside the library, the group hosted its 17th Math Fun Night.

The interactive event aimed to demonstrate the widespread use of mathematics in our world.

By presenting mathematics to elementary and middle school students from the entire district through recreational, hands-on activities, the Math Honor Society hoped to foster a greater appreciation for mathematics in students’ future studies.

Attendees created and solved logic puzzles, used and interacted with computer simulations, built models to better understand the principles of mathematics, and explored an augmented reality sandbox.

There were paper airplanes, too.

The event also included exhibits on the math and science behind mazes, phone books, mirrors, eggs and bubbles.

High School West’s Math Honor Society is advised by Steve Robinson and Samantha Buttice.