Mills Pond Elementary Students Experience Chinese Landscape Painting

Student paints with a bamboo brush. thumbnail214194

Wan Ling Fahrer last month shared with Mills Pond Elementary students her family’s customs and traditions regarding the Chinese New Year.

The presentation from Fahrer, whose children Ethan and Avery attend the school, was so popular, she is now back with a recurring role.

Fahrer will serve for the next four weeks as an artist in residence, teaching students Chinese landscape paintings. She came at the invitation of art teacher Kathleen Vanderveldt.

Fahrer previously has served as an educator at the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

She began her lesson Monday with third grade students by reviewing Chinese landscape artwork.

She then distributed bamboo brushes, black India ink and paper and began teaching the proper brush stroke technique to the students, who wore smocks to protect their clothing.

Fahrer, who speaks Cantonese, is in the process of translating each student’s name into Chinese. In future weeks, she intends to teach the students how to write their name.

Date Added: 3/7/2022