Smithtown Historical Society Brings 'Colonial Day' to Accompsett Middle School

The wool station during the presentation. thumbnail214101

The Smithtown Historical Society visited Accompsett Middle School on Friday to give seventh grade social studies students a taste of colonial America.

The students experienced stations devoted to quill and ink writing, wool spinning and carding, and candle dripping on “Colonial Day” at the school. Students who had extra time also visited a station devoted to 1700s-era games.

At the writing station, students dipped their quill in ink and were asked to write famous Ben Franklin quotes. The students recently had studied him in class. They then went to a sanding station so that their writings would quickly dry.

In the wool spinning area, the students learned about the clothing worn during the colonial era and how it was dyed with bark or bugs and otherwise prepared. They practiced manually “carding” wool with a brush-like device to ensure the freshly sheared wool was devoid of knots and going in one direction.

And they dipped candles at that station.

Date Added: 3/4/2022