Mt. Pleasant Elementary Students Send Messages to Ukraine

Students display artwork. thumbnail214065

Mt. Pleasant Elementary students sent their love to the Ukrainian people on Thursday.

Students in Jennifer Trovato’s first grade class and Danielle Waitz’s fifth grade class prepared artwork with special messages to show their support.

The messages are intended to be delivered inside Ukraine, accompanying much-needed supplies.

The students wrote messages including, “We are with you,” and “Our hearts are connected.”

The project was inspired by Olha Panchuk, whose daughter Sofia and son Anthony attend Mt. Pleasant Elementary, and whose relatives remain in Ukraine.

While they collected items for aid packages headed to Ukraine, a friend suggested to Panchuk that the packages also include messages from American students. Panchuk then approached her children’s teachers at Mt. Pleasant.

Panchuk has been packing items, including medicine and warm clothes, with others at a Ukrainian church in West Islip.

The items soon will be bound for a church in Chicago, which will facilitate a flight to Poland and ultimately transport into Ukraine.

“One of my friends got the idea to also put some kids’ drawings in there,” Panchuk said. “So right away I reached out to the teachers for help … We do have a lot of relatives in Ukraine, and we worry every moment what can happen.  As you can see, it’s only getting worse. We really feel like it’s a war against the world, but Ukraine fights by itself. It is very scary.”

Date Added: 3/3/2022