Mills Pond Second Graders Create Gliders While Learning About Lift And Drag

A student smiles as he constructs a hoop glider. thumbnail214016

Mills Pond Elementary second graders received a hands-on lesson in the power of air on Thursday.

The Garden City-based Long Island Children’s Museum visited classes to teach its “Up in the Air” lesson.

Students made their own hoop gliders, a variation of a paper airplane, and then had the chance to fly their creations. They also created bunny copters — helicopter-type objects — with spinning wings.

The students came away with a better understanding of aerodynamics — including why the design of an airplane is similar to a bird’s shape. They additionally learned how airplanes create lift, since they do not flap their wings, including why a wing is curved on its top and flat on the bottom. And they learned the basics of why of parachute works, including how it creates drag with the air.

Date Added: 3/3/2022