Tackan Fifth Graders Sample Books with Restaurant Theme

Students sample book at restaurant-themed table. thumbnail209712

Fifth grade students at Tackan Elementary School had their chance to sample books with a restaurant theme on Friday.

The school’s librarian, Michelle Robinson, as well as ELA and literary specialist Trish Gallery hosted a “book tasting” for students — allowing them to sample books from different genres to better learn what types of literature may interest them.

A sign greeted students with “Welcome to our Tackan Elementary School Bistro,” red and white tablecloths were draped on what normally serve as library tables, and Parisian music played in the background to set the ambience.

Students wrote brief reviews of the books they sampled. They also placed books they liked on hold to borrow and read later this academic year.

“This is an incredibly special event that only fifth graders get to do, and it’s awesome,” Robinson told the students.

Date Added: 1/21/2022