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1. Proof of your child's age.
Ways to show a child's age:
Birth Certificate - The birth certificate has to be an original or a certified copy (which would come from the town/state/country the child was born in).   The certified copy would have an official seal (most likely raised).
• Baptismal record (from any country)
• A Passport (from any country)

If you don't have a Birth Certificate, baptismal record, or passport, you can use other documents if you've had them for at least two years, such as:
• Driver's license
• State or governmental ID
• School photo ID with date of birth
• Consulate ID card
• Hospital or health records
• Military dependent ID card
• Other documents from federal/state/local agencies (examples: Department of Social Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement)
• Court Orders
• Native American tribal document
• Records from international aid agencies or voluntary agencies

2. Your own Photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport.

3. A record from physician with all inoculations listed with a doctor’s signature or stamp.
Immunization Guidelines:
2020-2021 School Year

Link to full immunization document may be found here.

4. Proof of Residency.
Ways you can show residency:
• Lease or deed
• Affidavit from the person you pay rent to, saying you live there
                • Affidavit from a third party saying you live there
• A letter from the person you pay rent to saying you live there
• A letter from another person saying you live at your address

If you don't have any of the above, you may use the following:
• Pay stub showing your address
• Income tax form that shows your address
• Utility bill or other bill in your name
• Membership documents based on residency, such as a local library card
• Voter registration card
• Driver's license, or permit, or non-driver ID
• State or other government issued ID
• Documents from government agencies such as a social service agency or the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement
• Custody or guardianship papers

5. Proof of custody or guardianship
   an affidavit (Parent or Guardian) saying that you have "total and permanent custody and control" over the child
   other proof such as documentation that the child has been placed with a sponsor by a federal agency

Registration Documents available here