School Start Times Survey

At Smithtown Central School District, we’re always searching for ways to maximize your children’s accomplishments. That means examining factors both in and out of the classroom that impact learning.

Prompted by recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control to address adolescent sleep deprivation, our district has conducted a two-year investigation into what impact starting secondary school later would have on students and families. You can find more information about the district School Start Times Steering Committee work under the District tab.

As our next step, I’m inviting you to take our survey on school start times. We want to understand what school schedule would optimize academic achievement and how any changes would affect your life. The survey will be available until June 20. To access the surveys, please use the appropriate link below.

K-12 Parent/Community School Start Times Survey 

Middle School Students School Start Times Survey (Middle School Students Only)

High School Students School Start Times Survey (High School Students Only)

Students should use their Google apps ID to access the survey.