East Researchers Score Top Awards at ISEF

East Researchers Score Top Awards at ISEF  thumbnail120211
High School East’s ThINK discovery science research students competed at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, Arizona, in May. Seniors Anthony D’Amore and Matthew Mullahy both received second place for their work in animal sciences and behavioral sciences, respectively. 

Anthony studied the larger rules that dictate biological evolution by creating virtual endocasts of crocodylomorph brains and evaluating the influence of habitat on brain shape. Matthew traced the morphology, or shape, of mouse NG2 glia and microglia, types of neuronal cells, to evaluate their change as a response to depression. 

“The excitement of seeing both boys share the stage together was a tribute to the collegial atmosphere that is promoted in the ThINK program,” said High School East science research coordinator Maria Zeitlin. “We all work long hours together to create a community for intellectual pursuit and to seek the answers to questions that solve problems for our community as human beings on the planet.”

This year’s Intel Science and Engineering Fair was the largest to date with 1,852 participants from around the globe.