Author Visit at Accompsett MS Sparks Creativity

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Internationally acclaimed author Todd Strasser visited Accompsett Middle School on Jan. 20 to speak to students about his career as well as conduct writing workshops to help students polish their own writing skills.

Mr. Strasser is the author of more than 140 novels, including popular middle school fiction titles such as “The Diving Bell” and the “Help, I’m Trapped” series. He explained that successful writers show, not tell the story, a technique that helps the reader create pictures in their minds. “Writing is using all of your senses, not just what you see, to add more detail,” he said.
Mr. Strasser also talked about the writing process, notably writing, rewriting and revising over and over again. “Think about what you want to say before you start to write it,” he said. “Don’t worry about the first draft sounding perfect. Reread, edit and revise and keep trying until you succeed.”
Mr. Strasser then engaged the students in writing workshops throughout the day, where they volunteered to read their stories to Mr. Strasser and their peers.