Accompsett MS Holds Geography Bee

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Accompsett Middle School held the final round of the National Geographic Geography Bee on Jan. 13. Prior to the school-wide round, all of the finalists successfully completed the individual classroom and academic team rounds. In the upcoming weeks, AMS’ Geography Bee winner Jacob Chodrow will complete a written test to qualify him to represent Accompsett Middle School on the state level. Special thanks to Ms. Ortiz for coordinating this event. 

Congratulations to all of the National Geographic Geography Bee finalists!

Team 6A: Elianna Andrews
Team 6B: Jenna Weixler

Team 7A: Jeno Leavitt
Team 7A: Kathleen Alexander
Team 7B: Euryale Yuri Cain, Jr.
Team 7B: Jake Grinberg

Team 8A: William Priebe  (Two-Time Final Round Participant)
Team 8A: William Alptekin
Team 8B: Jacob Chodrow
Team 8B: Christopher Scudero