Accompsett MS English Students Write Myths, Design eBooks

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Students in Lorraine McDermott’s seventh grade English classes at Accompsett Middle School channeled their creative sides to reinforce a lesson about mythology on Wednesday.

Using Book Creator, the students turned myths they wrote themselves into interactive digital eBooks.

Some students created myths centered on why thunderstorms exist or why dogs have tails.

The students could use their own artwork or clip art, and could take their own photos and videos to incorporate into the comics. Some created their own gods and goddesses, while others used existing ones from Greek mythology.

McDermott told the students their comics still needed to follow a plot structure, even though it may be presented in an untraditional form.

A myth is a story that explains a natural phenomenon, typically with the involvement of a supernatural being.

“They are explaining a natural phenomenon with nature or animals or people,” McDermott said.