Accompsett Elementary Students Generously Support Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Photo of students donating coins. thumbnail199350
Accompsett Elementary students donate coins to Solving Kids' Cancer on Friday upon arriving at school.

Students throughout the Smithtown Central School District wore gold laces on Friday to support Solving Kids’ Cancer. And at Accompsett Elementary School, the students also arrived with sandwich bags filled with coins (and a few bills, too) to support the charity.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This year marks the fifth annual Lace Up for Kids Awareness Campaign.

“Our take was, ‘Changing’ kids’ lives,” said Accompsett Elementary principal Timothy Hellmuth, explaining the white bucket that greeted students upon their arrival, where they generously placed the coins.

Hellmuth took the gold color associated with the campaign to an extreme. He wore bright gold shoes on Friday.

By the time arrival had been completed, the bucket was filled with coins and bills, which will go toward helping in the fight against pediatric cancer.