East Student Named Finalist in Space Competition

Zachary Finger stands with Maria Zeitlin, East ThINK Discovery science research coordinator and East staff member thumbnail187809
Zachary Finger, a junior in the High School East ThINK Discovery Science Research Program, is hoping that next year astronauts on board the International Space Station will be performing an experiment that earned him recognition as one of five national finalists in the Genes in Space competition.

The Genes in Space competition challenges students to solve sweeping problems faced by space travelers. According to Maria Zeitlin, East ThINK Discovery science research coordinator, “Zach has been interested in submitting his experiment ever since hearing about the competition. He eats, breathes, and discusses all things centered on space exploration. He was beyond excited at the announcement and I could not be happier for this amazing achievement.”

This is the second time High School East has a finalist in the competition. In 2019, Kevin Chen was a finalist and attended the International Space Station Conference where he presented. This year, the finalists were asked to design molecular DNA experiments that address space travel concerns utilizing the unique environment found on the ISS. Zach will present his project this July at the virtual ISS Conference.