Dogwood Displays Work of Its Talented Artists

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student admiring the classes' mosaics and paper bags decorated like cats thumbnail184663
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students admiring their art on the wall thumbnail184665
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Dogwood Elementary School showed off the many talents of its student-artists during its annual art show during the week of May 24.

Displayed in the kindergarten hallway, each class walked through the show and saw the creations of their classmates. There was also a fun scavenger hunt element added to the show, so students had to spend time finding different items.

The kindergarten classes displayed different creations from throughout the school year, including monsters, ice cream cones and colors. First graders showed off their cherry blossoms and cardinals, while the second graders made art inspired by artists Ted Harrison and Heather Galler.

Third grade students have folk art displayed inspired by Laurel Burch. The fourth graders showcased their owls, zentangles and “It’s A Small World” artwork inspired by Mary Blair.