Cereal Challenge Combines Community Giveback and STEM

fourth grade students with boxes of cereal thumbnail184660

The entire school community came together for a lesson that combined community service and STEM learning at Smithtown Elementary School on May 26.

As part of a recent Project Lead the Way lesson, fourth grade students learned about potential and kinetic energy. During the past few weeks, teachers, students and staff brought in cereal boxes to be donated to local organizations and food pantries. But, before they were donated, the students had a chance to apply their energy knowledge to create a cereal box domino chain.

Fourth graders engaged in the engineering design process, applying their knowledge of potential and kinetic energy conversion, as they created a chain of dominoes (cereal boxes) throughout the halls of Smithtown Elementary. The other grade levels came to watch the dominos fall and also explored other domino challenges in their classrooms. Each classroom was given a set of 1,000 wooden dominos and a corresponding set of domino challenges. During the challenge, the school collected more than 350 cereal boxes which will be donated to various food pantries in the community.