Smithtown Students Are 100 Days Smarter

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Smithtown Central School District’s students are 100 days smarter and elementary students throughout the district celebrated everything 100 with plenty of hands-on activities. 

Many elementary students dressed the part, with gray hair, glasses and walkers. The students created their own 100 day hats and poster boards featuring 100 different items. Showing off their artistic side, students made portraits of themselves at 100 years old and made gumball machines with 100 gumballs inside. During their math lesson, students went shopping with $100 and rolled dice to predict how many times it would take to get to 100.
Students made necklaces out of 100 beads, counting by 10s in different colors. They stacked 100 plastic cups onto a tower and did 100 different exercises 10 times each, such as hula hoops, jumping rope and galloping.