Pupil Personnel Services


Assistant Superintendent   
Ms. Tobin (631) 382-2029
Assistant Administrator for Special Education (9-12)
Mr. Prahl
(631) 382-2072
CPSE Chairperson Ms. O'Neill (631) 382-2093
Out of District Placement Coordinator
Mrs. Sponaugle
(631) 382-2080
CSE Chairperson for Private/Parochial
Dr. Corrado
(631) 382-4466
Assistant Administrator for Special Education (6-8) 
Mrs. McAndrew-Mitchell
(631) 382-5185
Administrator for Special Education (K-5)
Dr. Clark
(631) 382-2394
Administrator for Guidance & Support Services
Mr. Colon
(631) 382-2014
504 Coordinator
Ms. D'Elia
(631) 382-2087
Preschool Telephone
  (631) 382-2085



SEPTA Returns to Smithtown

Following a hiatus, the Smithtown Special Education PTA has been re-chartered. The SEPTA charter will provide families of children with special needs with an organizational structure, resources and the opportunity to be a collective voice for their child and for all children. On April 18, the following were elected to serve as the new Board of Smithtown’s SEPTA: Justine Delise, Amanda Schweigert, Lauren Romano, Angela Furci, Jennifer Flatley-Graham and Kim Lamflisi.

SEPTA Returns to Smithtown Pic 1