Dogwood First Graders Delve into Native American History

Dogwood First Graders Delve into Native American History  thumbnail143947

As a culminating activity to their lessons on Native American history, the first grade classes at Dogwood Elementary School participated in hands-on learning centers on Nov. 26.
Gathered by the teepee and around the deerskin rug, the students learned about some of the Native American traditions and the roles of the different members of the family. Students touched antlers, turtle shells and feathers as they gathered in a circle for storytelling time. On display around them were the Native American habitat posters they created and dreamcatchers that hung from the ceiling.
Wearing their Native American shirts that featured different symbols, one classroom station also created hats using the symbols. Students colored and created totem poles in another learning station.
During the hunting and fishing portion of the centers, students used magnetics on a fishing pole to catch their fish for dinner. Using spears and bows and arrows, the students tried their hands at hunting buffalo.