Business Olympics Celebrates 25 Years

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This year marked the 25th anniversary of the district’s Business Olympics competition, sponsored by the School of Business in the Career & Technical Education in cooperation with the Smithtown Industry Advisory Board. The event, held this year at High School West on Nov. 21, was themed “Go Green – Choose Clean.”

The teams’ challenge was to create an environmentally conscious product or service. They developed a promotional and marketing campaign for their product or service. There were 50 teams, with more than 200 students from Smithtown High School East and West participating who were focused on developing a successful mobile business.

Smithtown Industry Advisory Board members, district administrators and employees, local companies and organizations participated in the event and judged the students on their overall presentation. All student teams were required to have a Google Slide presentation, a commercial for their product/service, promotional materials and a marketing plan for their product/service. The district congratulates this year’s winning team from High School West – Team Clean Kicks: Luke Muratore, Will Alptekin and Mark Kyranakis.