Lessons from Long Ago at Mills Pond

Lessons from Long Ago at Mills Pond photo thumbnail143071

Second graders in Barbara Haining’s class at Mills Pond Elementary School learned how children made meals, toys and learned during a hands-on lesson on Nov. 19.

After learning about Thanksgiving traditions from long ago, the students used their math skills to make homemade pancakes. Of course, pancakes are better with butter, so the students made their own butter by shaking a container filled with heavy cream and salt until it solidified. Thanks to the help of the parent volunteers, the students feasted on their pancakes together. 

While the pancakes were cooking, the students made a cup and ball game similar to what children from long ago would use during playtime. Lastly, the second graders painted their own slateboards using chalk paint, which they used for spelling and math lessons later in the day.