Showing Off STEM Careers in Smithtown

Showing Off STEM Careers in Smithtown photo thumbnail138801

More than 120 students from High School East and High School West participated in the fifth annual STEM Careers “Lunch and Learn” on Oct. 25 organized by the Smithtown Industry Advisory Board and the Smithtown Central School District Career and Technical Education, science and math departments. The event was hosted at High School West’s library. 

The lunch and learn is designed to introduce high school students to various careers within the STEM field. To open the day’s event, the U.S. Navy presented on nuclear propulsion and engineering. Approximately, 20 different companies and eight different colleges and universities were on hand to show students a variety of careers and the type of schooling necessary for their careers. 

After hearing from the presenters, the students spent time during lunch getting to know the companies and businesses. During the breakout sessions, students sat down in small group settings with the businesses in which they were most interested. Members of the Smithtown robotics team were also on hand to show off their STEM-related skills.