East Science Researcher Stays Close to Home

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High School East science researcher Kira Conte is staying close to home to do her research for her senior project. Kira has been working with fifth graders at Mills Pond Elementary School to gather data for her upcoming project.

Working alongside High School East science research coordinator Maria Zeitlin, Kira’s project focuses on behavioral science. She’s been preparing and presenting modules about human flourishing  – including growth mindset, self-control, resilience, perseverance and grit – to the students she visits four times per week over a four week period.

After each lesson, Kira compiles data that is self-reported anonymously by the fifth graders. The goal of her research is to see if these lessons actually changed the students’ mindset. Kira has just finished gathering her data at Mills Pond Elementary School and will be working to compile the information for her project, which she hopes to also submit to the Regeneron and Intel science research competitions.