East Students Spread Inspiration at Mills Pond

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The 50-plus members of the S.I.T.E. (Spreading Inspiration Through Education) Club at High School East are hard at work inspiring a younger generation of students at Mills Pond Elementary.

Club co-presidents Hailey Sheridan and Haleigh Gahan, along with about a dozen members, visit with students at Mills Pond Elementary School each week to provide a hands-on lesson. At their weekly meeting, the students discuss project ideas. Working with the classroom teacher, the students develop an engaging lesson and visit the class to work alongside the students. One or two mentor S.I.T.E students work with the elementary students for small group instruction. At the end of the lesson, the groups present their work to the class. 

On Oct. 17, the students worked in fourth grade classes and presented a lesson based on the scientific method. The students conducted an experiment using Skittles and hot water and wrote a hypothesis, questions and observations.