Students Vie for Top Spot in Mock Stock Competition

Students Vie for Top Spot in Mock Stock Competition photo thumbnail118895

Fifth graders in Jeffrey Faragasso’s class at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School are learning about the basics of finance, savings, investing and banking during their yearlong mock stock market competition.

Each September, every student in the class receives a credit of $100,000 to purchase five different stocks and build a portfolio. There’s no buying or selling throughout the year, so Mr. Faragasso urges his students to choose wisely. Every Friday during the school year, they discuss the progress of their stocks, take a look at their earnings and losses and predict what they think may happen to their stocks. The class also discusses news and current events and ties those discussions into why certain stocks may be performing better than others.

Outside of the classroom, there’s a leaderboard featuring the top-performing portfolios and the winner at the end of the school year receives a breakfast.