Distracted Driving Simulator Educates West students

Distracted Driving Simulator Educates West students photo thumbnail118313

To teach their fellow students about the dangers of making poor decisions while driving, the SADD Club of High School West hosted the International Save a Life Tour in the school’s auditorium on April 10. All High School West juniors participated in the program which began with an assembly highlighting the dangers of being distracted while driving.

Throughout the day, juniors were invited down in smaller groups to experience driving in simulated situations of being distracted either by texting or using alcohol. Students also took a pre and post survey on their knowledge of being impaired while driving. After their experience driving in the simulators, SADD students encouraged their peers to sign a pledge card to remind them of what they experienced.  

All of the High School West juniors signed the pledge, which will hang in the school as a reminder to all students to make good choices while driving.