Diving Into Lessons on Marine Ecosystems

Diving Into Lessons on Marine Ecosystems photo

Fourth-graders at Smithtown Elementary School got up close and personal with some marine life during an ecosystem program on March 28. Alexandra Stevens, marine educator, Cornell University Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County, visited the school to teach the students about different ecosystems and give them a chance to interact with the animals.

Ms. Stevens spoke to the students about the differences between living and non-living things that exist in an ecosystem. She also taught the students about the different roles of those living in the ecosystem, such as consumers, producers and decomposers. The fourth-graders learned about different types of marine ecosystems.

Focusing on the ecosystems of Long Island – coastal, salt marsh and sandy beach – students learned about some of the different animals that live in the various ecosystems. With a small bucket of salt water at each station, the students then observed and touched periwinkle snails, hermit crabs, blue and ribbed muscles and a starfish.