Tackan Travels Back to the Mesozoic Era

Tackan Travels Back to the Mesozoic Era photo

The “Dinoman,” along with his dinosaur fossils and artifacts – visited with second-graders at Tackan Elementary School on March 12. Paleontologist Bob Lisaius captured the attention of the budding scientists with his hands-on show and tell classroom sessions.

The second-grade classes started the day with an assembly where learned about fossils, dinosaur species, why they became extinct and Lisaius’ work in the field of paleontology.

Back in the classrooms and with a toolbox full of treasures, Lisaius visited each of the individual second-grade classes for an informative hands-on session featuring relics of the past. Students touched different artifacts – some dating back millions of years – including dinosaur horns, claws, teeth and fossilized rocks.